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Find your bearings

It’s appropriate that kigali city, overlooks the soaring Rwanda’s Monument, which translates as ‘Welcome Monument’. The hotel borders, residential neighbourhood, yet is perfectly located for access to Rwanda’s’s business centre.Kigali is not known as a pedestrian-friendly city, yet a pleasant 20-minute stroll through the back streets brings you to the Square, the great central park

The initiative intends to encourage Rwandans and foreign residents to travel around the country and getting to know all tourism spots and bolster the tourism sector.

Since the initiative started in 2015, domestic tourism market has grown by 17 per cent, Mutesi said, citing data collected on the national park statistics ,rwanda capital city and Volcanoes.

She said, under the initiative, sector profilers hope to see a 30 per cent growth rate for the sector.

“We are seeing some interest, an increase in the domestic tourists. I think the more we showcase to them, the more they will come, and I hope they will come with families and friends and show them these places and have fun in the country,” she said.

Feed your mind
The National Museum of rwanda is less than a 15-minute taxi ride and will give you an ideal initial insight into the history and incredible culture of one of the world’s most diverse countries. To get orientated in this sprawling capital of more than ten million people, head to the top of the 137m National Monument, popularly known as kigali..

And finally
Like a world expo, but focused only on kigali Rwanda is a fun attraction for families. Translating literally as ‘Beautiful Kigali City’, it’s a quirky, must-see for anyone who is intrigued by the incredible diversity of the world’s cleanest city. Viewfinder gallery name: Go self drive Rwanda must-visit sights