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Driving In Kigali

Tips for Using a Car in Kigali to Get Around the City easily

Rwanda is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. It has developed such a modern transport system in Kigali and the far areas. It is easy to drive in Kigali and get around even for first-time travelers. However, you will find some challenges while driving because Kigali is not your usual place, and also the traffic rules and regulations may differ from the ones back home.

Nonetheless, the best option for getting around Kigali is by hiring and driving a car especially when you are a foreign traveler. Car hire services in Rwanda are safe, convenient, and comfortable and clients are provided support by the operators which enables them to maneuver through.

The Challenges of Driving in Kigali

Renting a car is a way better alternative than taking a public bus in Kigali though it comes with some challenges. Rwanda is very hilly and it can be uncomfortable for most travelers to drive. There are lots of sharp corners and in the morning, there is too much fog that makes driving somehow challenging. Traffic congestion especially in the city center is also an issue. You can take a reasonable time trying to reach a destination that is so near.

Short Trips within Kigali while driving

Using a car hire service is the best tourist transport option in Kigali, particularly for those staying for a short while and making short trips. It is the most affordable and easier way to move from one point to another. You don’t have to find out the bus station since a chauffeur hired from the rental company can easily drive you around to any point with so much ease.

For self-drive travelers, Kigali is well designed with signposts and street names. Using a GPS or Google maps on your smartphone will be so helpful to you to navigate around.

Traveling to Your Destination

The best alternative to drive to your destination is by using navigation tools such as tourist maps, google maps on your smartphone or GPS. Any of them will assist you to identify the roads leading there or even explain better the destination to any local fellow whom you may ask for direction. Roads leading to popular tourist sites in Kigali are well marked and designed so don’t worry, the task to relocate any point you wish to get to will be easy for you.

You’re advised to very much rely on google maps because they have updated routes of the different sites of Kigali. Additionally, the google maps app is well advanced with a voice option that can direct you easily as though you are getting instructions from a co-driver.

Lastly, something to put a keen eye on is the dubious car hire companies. There are so many of them on the internet that will promise you heaven and offer hell. They have very great-looking vehicles on their websites and enticing rental packages but when you reach on ground, you will be slapped with a nightmare.  The trick to knowing a genuine company is by vising TripAdvisor to know which rental operators have higher ratings and what their past customers talk about their services.

Feel free to contact us for more tips about driving in Kigali.

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