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Saving cash When Renting a Car in Rwanda

Tips for Saving cash When Renting a Car in Rwanda

Saving cash When Renting a Car in Rwanda: Traveling is one thing that takes a great amount of cash. However, if you are keen you can save some money on certain items like car rental expenses.

Saving cash When Renting a Car in Rwanda

Below are some of the tips that would help you save cash when you rent a car in Rwanda.

Always make a reservation for the rental car in advance. The early bird catches the worm, make research and strike the best deal. when you book earlier, you will have ample time to negotiate with various rental operators, compare their rates and finally choose one with the most affordable package.

Ensure to make rate comparisons among different rental operators. Do not commit to the first car rental website you land, browse through different ones.  Ask their prices and then compare and get the best quote for yourself.

Try to hire a car from a company that is outside the airport. The remote operators provide cars at a cheaper rate than the ones within or near the airport. This is because the ones at the airport are highly demanded by various tourists hence raising their prices which is not the case with the remote ones.

Always book a car with other travel items as a tour package. This is one of the easiest ways of getting a cheap deal on car rental in Rwanda. Get a local tour agent, and let him procure accommodation, park fees, and car rental for you.

Acquire an international driver’s license. Some rental companies make charge you extra in case you are going to use a foreign driver’s license. Therefore, get an international one that is widely accepted in any country and no cost is incurred to use.

The hidden extras to beat on your rental

Anyone traveling to a foreign destination like Rwanda and wishing to rent a car would want to dodge the undisclosed extra costs. Once you avoid these hidden extras, you will save some cash on your car hire in Rwanda.

Extra driver and young driver: most rental agencies only allow the people who have rented the car to drive it. Therefore, restrain from using another person whom you have not revealed to the operator because once found out, a premium fine will be charged.

Additionally, Car hire companies in Rwanda don’t allow persons below 21years to drive yet in your home country the driving age could be 18 years. So, don’t go against this clause abide by it, and avoid the extra charge.

Comprehensive insurance: insurance must be part of the rental package but some companies may not include and charge it separately. You should always ask your operator whether it is included in the quote.

Fuel charges: Most rental companies have a quarter-to-quarter fuel capacity system for pick up and drop off. This implies that the car is delivered to you with a quarter tank and must be returned with the same amount. So, in case you return the car with less fuel, they charge you an extra fee.

Excess insurance: say no to excess insurance. It is unnecessary most of the time. The excess insurance is normally 500$ charged which is way above the money you may pay for just a minor scratch that are not included in the comprehensive insurance.

Acquiring the ideal car rental package in Rwanda requires planning and research. Though it takes a great amount of time, it is worth it because the rewards are enormous. Rent a car with Go self drive Rwanda

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