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Safari Experiences service is the most demanded service by tourists. Go self drive Rwanda offers great safari car rental Rwanda services to any destination within Rwanda and in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Congo, and Tanzania. The company has got the all the best fleet of 4×4 safari cars to give the best journey that you could ever imagine of. Safari Car Rental Rwanda service has boomed in the recent years thanks to the boom in the tourism sector in the country.  When tourism started taking off, more demand for safari cars increased. It should be noted that these safari cars are not any other car on the market; these cars are specifically designed for safaris or African journeys. One of the most significant features that is available for all cars is that the cars must at least be 4×4 cars because when you look at the roads within the tourist attractions, many are practically impassable in case it rains and the only car that survive in such conditions is the 4×4 car.

Safari Experiences

We have a fleet of cars that truly reflect our continued effort to provide the best safari experience to our clients. Some of the popular safari cars in our fleet include the 4×4 Toyota Super custom, 4X4 Toyota land cruiser, 4×4 Toyota land cruiser extended,4×4 Toyota rav4 and others.

Process of hiring a safari car from go self drive Rwanda

Hiring a safari is like hiring any other car from our company; all you need is to send us an inquiry about the car that you want. This inquiry can be either through a telephone or an email. Later on, you shall tell us what kind of car that you wish to hire, for what duration, and your hiring start date. Later on, you will have to come physically to our offices and were you shall show us your documents and then we will give you the car according to your needs and budget. If you desire a driver, we shall offer our driver at a particular service fee. Always make sure that you return the car the way you found it.

Why hire a safari from go self drive Rwanda?

Our company has:

1.The best fleet of Rwanda 4×4 safari cars on the market.

2.We have good drivers who know almost every tourism destination in Rwanda

3.Our prices are cheap compared to others.

4.Our terms and conditions are fair compared to others.

Come and hire the best 4×4 safari car rental in Rwanda from Go self drive Rwanda and contact us for the best Safari Experiences in Rwanda.


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