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Safari Custom VanSafari Custom Van Car hire Rwanda: Are you planning to travel around Rwanda in a group of 6-9 people, hiring a 4×4 safari van is the perfect transport option? A 4×4 Safari Van is a rental vehicle that does lots of wonders while visiting the various national parks of Rwanda. It is a very accommodating car, easy to drive, and resilient on the road.

4×4 safari van can either be hired for self-drive or with a driver, Go self drive Rwanda leaves the discretion to the client to choose between the two-car hire service options. Most of our vans are manual transmissions. If you are not comfortable with driving a manual car, we would advise hiring a driver.

The safari van is a very popular vehicle in Rwanda commonly used as a public taxi ferrying a maximum of 14 people from one area to another.

This has inspired the tours and travel industry to introduce it as a travel van for a relatively large group of people who wished to travel together on a road trip. Safari Vans are comfortable vehicles equipped with a full-time 4-wheel drive system.

A safari van can go anywhere in Rwanda because it is a powerful vehicle. Apart from plain safari vans, we also have options of pop-up rooftops. The ones with pop-up roofs are hired for travelers going for game viewing expeditions in the national parks.

The 4×4 safari van costs 70$ per day for less than a week of rental. If you wish to hire a safari van with a driver, an extra 30$ will be topped up on the aforementioned fees.

The rates exclude fuel, we always advise our clients to always fuel the vehicle during the rental period. Booking a safari van beforehand is advised because of their high demand yet we have a limited number of them in our fleet.

Why hire a Safari Custom Van?

4 wheel drive vehicle
resilient on the road
Carries a large number of people
Frugal in both rental rate and fuel consumption
Easy to drive

The safari van is a minivan designed to carry up to 8 passengers comfortably ideal for group road trips. The safari van is customized for park safaris featuring a pop-up roof that allows tourists to peep out and get clear views of the wild. It also has a functioning AC with MP3/CD player, the 4 wheel drive mechanism allows the tourist van to pass through tough terrain hence you can be assured you won’t get stuck in the middle of anywhere when you decide to book the van.

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