The world of performance driving cars is predictable on certain fronts. Every new sports car is almost always more powerful than the model it replaces. It usually claims to be a bit quicker and faster than its natural rivals too. And when you talk of brands like Porsche, it is not about pounding more power under the hood, but the focus is instead on faster corner speeds, millimetre perfect driving dynamics, and quicker lap times. That is a difficult task to achieve with a sportscar itself, and the calculations get all the harder when you jack up the centre of gravity to build an SUV. Porsche took up that challenge back in 2002 and delivered a hard-hitting punch with the Cayenne. Setting a benchmark back then was easy with virtually no rivals to contend with, but today with the likes of Range Rover, Maserati, Bentley and even Lamborghini building sportscar rivaling SUVs, things have gotten very serious – more serious than the 550 horses under the hood!

We hire out Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ cars, the best option for safaris and business travels in Rwanda. This car provides the styling and comfort you expect from a top of the range vehicle, whilst also answering the demands of the toughest off-road terrains. This is the most perfect option for urban usage if you are on a business trip and off-road adventures into remote areas including national parks, game reserves and more.

Need extra room in your touring vehicle for luggage? Planning to bring your family and friends along? Our touring wagons are the perfect option for you if you need the extra space. Like our Medium Sized Touring Cars, the wagons have a medium sized engine to make travelling easy, even when they’re packed to the roof with your gear!

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Go self Drive Rwanda is proud to provide travelers with a wide variety of safari van rentals including specialized luxury vans. Our Cars are affordable and are fuel efficient  providing you with ultra spacious space to carry your luggage.

Renting a safari car is a great idea for people who are traveling with a group of friends or family. Our Cars are a great option for people going on safari . Our safari vans are customised with a popup roof for game viewing adventures in Rwanda.

Whether it be budget van rental or the more luxurious options we cater to all your driving cars needs across Rwanda.

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