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Tips for Luxury Travelers in Rwanda

Though Rwanda is a third-world country, it has lots of services and places that appeal to people of affluent backgrounds. For hiring a high-end vehicle, you don’t need to go beyond your budget, there are lots of eye-catching packages on the internet especially when you take time and make research.

Below are some of the Rwanda car rental tips to be considered by luxury travelers:

Look around

The internet is the perfect spot to search and check out any packages or promotions for luxury car rental in Rwanda. Several online rental agencies are competing with each other, opportunities are so high to get an unbeatable deal. Renting a vehicle on the internet will spare you time and effort since you will do the booking on the computer or smartphone in the comfort of your home or workplace. In addition, you will bypass the middlemen like the travel agent who normally take home a great figure in commission.  You will also have to ensure you look at the fine black and white print comprising the terms and conditions of renting a car with a certain company. Go the extra mile to find out if there are some hidden charges and dubious clauses.

Check your insurance cover

Most times, when hiring a car in Rwanda, the operator provides comprehensive insurance which covers third party, collision damage, and theft. The third-party covers expenses for the damage caused by the rental car on any other item. The collision damage waiver covers the client in situations of collision. The theft cover protects you from being liable when the car is stolen.  All these types of insurance are very vital to the client and as a client, you need to know whether the rental company provides comprehensive insurance on their vehicles. Sometimes, you may find out that your insurance back home covers car rental, request for the rental company to scrap off the fees for insurance on your package and use your own so that you save some money.

 Reserve the car ahead of time

Booking earlier than your travel dates will not only provide you the certainty of hiring a car of your wishes but also offer you a better quote.  Reserving a vehicle earlier than a month will enable you to plan in time.

Do away with prepaid fuel alternative

Some rental agencies in Rwanda will give you an alternative of including fuel costs in your package. This could be a great option since it offers some bit of convenience but it could be costlier than when you refill the tank by yourself. Companies normally quote fuel at the highest rate around the country yet you can find cheaper refilling stations as you travel around.

Drop off the car in time

Ensure that you return the rental vehicle on time if not, you may end up paying a premium fee. Some rental agencies may permit a small grace of time like a maximum of two hours. Therefore, plan your itinerary so that you finish your self-drive in Rwanda in time.

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Additionally, make sure that you return the car in better condition.

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