Our car hire service is getting better and better by the Rwanda car rental fleet from Go Self Drive Rwanda which offers the most affordable self Drive car rental around Rwanda, a family sized vehicle for a much needed holiday or a luxury sedan for those important business meetings? Go self Drive Rwanda a offers the perfect variety of Cheap and affordable rental vehicles to suit every occasion. Coupled with high standards of quality, regular maintenance, and great pricing. car hire in rwanda

Car Rental Fleet for Car hire in Rwanda.

Go Self Drive Rwanda  is known for offering Car Rental with the best Rwanda Car Rental Fleet and professional Drivers who are knowledgeable of the roads of Rwanda to enjoy the ultimate Road Trip within East Africa. Plan for car rental in Rwanda for an ultimate private tour to visit primate Gorillas at your pace whether on long term Car rental or short rental.

Our car hire in Rwanda services include a reliable Car hire service in Rwanda, insurance, accommodations, and gorilla permit reservation. We are always available to assist you during your planning phase. Contact Us today! Best price guaranteed.

Our Rwanda Car Rental Fleet boosts of best car rentals in Rwanda from Budget SUV’s, safari vans to Utilitarian 4×4 affordable rentals. We pride in a fleet of over 25+ vehicles with Toyota Rav4 being the many. We provide some of the best car rental services in Rwanda for self drive safaris and for business car rentals. We also do maintain and service all our cars every after each trip when they return and make sure you have just a perfect car for your adventure.

5 Door Rav4 $45.

Rwanda Car Rental Fleet

Toyota Rav4, Full time 4wheel, 5 doors seats 4pax max with enough luggage space

Prado Landcruiser $90.

Rwanda Car Rental Fleet

Petrol car, Full time 4wheel, 5 doors seats 4pax max, Pop-up roof and with enough luggage space.

Nissan Patro $100.

Rwanda Car Rental Fleet

Diesel Car, 4Wheel,5doors,seats, 4pax with enough luggage space.

Safari Custom Van $70.

Rwanda Car Rental Fleet

Diesel Car, AC, Full time 4Wheel, seats 5pax max, pop-up roof and with enough luggage space

Customised Jeep $150.

Customized safari Jeep,Diesel,Freezer Seats 3pax max, enough luggage space

Suzuki Jeep $50.

Self Drive Rwanda

Customized safari Jeep,Diesel Car, freezer, Charging system, Seats 7pax max, and enough luggage spa.

All vehicles on our Rwanda Car Rental Fleet are comprehensively insured and come with a Bradt Guide Book, Rwanda Road map, Unlimited mileage, a Phone and local simcard with 24-7 roadside assistance. In cases of breakdown, We do have a network of mechanic workshops upcountry that are able to bail you out in the shortest period possible and in events of breakdown that requires replacement, Be assured there is a standby car of your type that we guarantee replacement within 24hours depending on your location within Rwanda.

Toyota Rav4 “Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive”

Car Rental Fleet Rwanda: Safari Land cruiser

Rwanda Car Rental Fleet - Go Self Drive Rwanda The Safari Land cruiser is a luxurious 4×4 land cruiser with the rooftop and its ranked as the hard top that is nice for game drives in national Parks like Volcanoes National Park , Akagera National Park for ultimate Rwanda Safari Holidays.

This Safari land cruiser has the carrying capacity of 5-8 Paxs ,Manual and 4×4 Stick for applying it,top up roof for game Drives ,they normally don’t have Air condition and a driver may be added on the Request.

Rwanda Car Rental Fleet

From our Rwanda Car Rental Fleet is the  Toyota RAV4 is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) rented from Self drive Rwanda are used cars that they are imported from Japan, 4×4, Ac , Manual and automatic depending on the travelers interest & needs . Toyota Rav4 are Economic car fleets. The vehicle was designed for consumers wanting a vehicle that had most of the benefits of SUVs, such as higher visibility and the option of full-time four-wheel drive. Our Rav4 fleets rang from Model 1997 -2000.

The Toyota RAV4 can be either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, Either 4 Door or 3 Door. 4 Door has the carrying capacity of 4 Pax including the driver plus space for Camping Gears.

Toyota Land cruiser Available

We offer first hand land cruisers for self drive, Land cruisers are strong fleets that are 4×4 and reliable with enough spacious room for leg rooms compared to Toyota rav4, The Land cruiser offered ranging from 1998 to 2015 with the carrying capacity of 4-8 Paxs depending on the travelers interests and the Amount Charged.

Our luxury transfers are designed for the individual who needs that little bit extra. We utilise C-Class Mercedes sedans for our smaller group or individual transfers, with Hyundai H1’s being used for groups of up to 7 individuals. All of our luxury fleet have leather interior, are fitted with the latest tracking devices and are kept in showroom condition, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.2 SD4 HSE.

Comfort throughout the cabin. The Two-Zone Climate Control optimizes warming and cooling comfort for you and your passengers, with adjustable temperatures for different zones in the vehicle. Improved visibility as a sensor in the windscreen detects rain and light conditions and controls the wipers and headlamps accordingly. The Navigation System is easy and intuitive to use. On and off-road capabilities include fast route calculation, greater map coverage and off-road guidance with contour lines display. Top quality interior – seats are upholstered with high-quality grained leather in a choice of three colourways for a natural look and durability.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Dynamic

Rwanda Car Rental Fleet - Go Self Drive Rwanda Style meets utility with our range of Land Rover car hire. Although it is the smallest in Land Rover rentals, the Range Rover Evoque can be compared to other luxury off-road models like the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. The Range Rover Evoque car hire allows you to tackle all kinds of off-road terrain, and handles beautifully even in extreme weather. It is also small, quick and comfortable enough to navigate through the city streets with ease. The Range Rover Evoque car hire certainly has an edge when it comes to performance, speed and comfort. Despite its smaller size, the Evoque offers plenty of seating and legroom. Comfort is key, and its superior functionality does not compromise on its luxurious amenities.

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