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Best Advice on using ATMs services in Rwanda.

The world has evolved into a cashless society. There is no really much need to carry cash all the time because with the help of a bank card, you can always access and pay for whatever you want as long as such a card is acceptable. When coming to Rwanda, there are lots of preparations to carry out but some of them that shouldn’t miss on your table is whether to carry a bank card to Rwanda or not. A lot of people don’t like moving with bank cards because of many fears-the card can easily get lost or stolen. In Rwanda it is highly advisable to carry your bank card to avoid over moving with physical cash. The reason being is that there are so many cases where you shall need to withdraw some money for different uses. If you have really made up your mind to carry a bank card, here are some of the best practices on using ATM services in Rwanda.

Keep your ATM card.

For fears of theft or being lost which can happen to anyone around the globe, make sure that you keep your ATM card in a safe place while on your trip to Rwanda. This shall save you the stress and panic of searching for it after you think that you have misplaced or probably lost it. I would highly advise to move along with a wallet no matter the size. Wallets are designed to safe guard our small valuable properties and most of them are designed with portions where you can easily keep your card. Avoid putting your card in your pockets because there are many chances of losing it. We normally loose things we keep in pockets simply because we are always pulling something in and out of our pockets and at the end, something will go missing. Just avoid that.

Carry internationally accepted cards.

You are frequent traveller, you know this by default. If you are moving to a different country, always carry a bank card that is internationally acceptable. Banks gives us different range of cards depending on their purpose. If you are going to enjoy your journey, ensure that the card you are moving with accepted globally. How do you know that my card is accepted internationally? There are different banking networks that are known globally and if you carry a card with their name on it, you shall be in position to withdraw money from anywhere. VisaCard and MasterCards are the most famously globally accepted bank cards. The dollar is a common currency in tourism in Rwanda. Just know that when you are going to make all withdraws either look for places where you can withdraw in local currency or dollar.

Withdraw what you are expected to use.

Make simple calculations of what you are expected to use and withdraw an estimated amount. It is always better for you to withdraw what you really want to use because if you withdrew money in a local currency and there is still some more, you shall have either to transfer it back into dollars or any internationally-known currency if you are to carry it back home.

Ask the guide about the ATM services.

You have to inquire very well about the possible places where you can make several withdraws. ATM services in Rwanda are not everywhere like the case for your home country. You have to ask the tour guide to help you with the best places you can withdraw your money from. It will not surely make any sense for you to carry an ATM bank card and you fail to use it because there are no ATMs when you need them. Inquire to make informed decisions.

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