Learn the basic  road trip car rental tips with Go self drive Rwanda.

Road trip tips
Best car rentals for road trip in Rwanda-things you should consider before booking one?

Going for a road trip in Rwanda could one of the most amazing moments for your life. A road trip is so great because of the enjoyment that it offers. However to fully enjoy that moment, you should contemplating the following road trip tips:

Is it a registered company?

In today’s world, there are a lot of brief case businesses-businesses without a company name and address but they are operating. The fact is you wouldn’t want to travel with such a car rental agency because they are not liable for anything. Always verify to see that the agency is a fully registered company and that it has an address and physical location. You can verify if the agency is registered with the Rwanda Development Board.

Look for the company’s office.

If you have landed in Rwanda, it is high time for you to go and physically meet with the Car rental agency .Ask for directions and go check out their offices. They say that offices represent businesses-if a company has an organized offices, there is a great chance of them offering great services to their customers. Make simple judgments about the office and the way employees are conducting themselves. They say that never judge a book by its cover but sometimes, you just need to bypass that and see the way they structure themselves before clients.

Ask where necessary.

We are always judged that we are more intelligent than others depending mainly on the way we answer our questions. When you move to a company’s office, make sure you have some questions for them. You may not know the answers but the way they respond to you shall make you satisfied about their services. If they know what they are doing, they shall surely answer all the questions that you asked them and that shall be a good sign that you have probably come to right people-rent a car from them.

Get what you want.

At this point in time, you must be certain of what you want. Make sure that the car rental company has got the car you are looking for. If you are going for a safari, make sure they have several options for safari cars. And if you are planning for a business trip, they should have those cars that show respect. Whatever your need is, make sure they have the car that can satisfy it.

Check out with their terms and conditions.

Don’t forget the golden rule of business which says that business is done by laws. You must read and understand the terms and conditions for that car rental agency. Always find out if they favour you. Different agencies have different terms and conditions, and you must carefully read through them because a mere not understand any of them can cause a bitter relationship between you and the agency after using their car.

Compare the prices.

At the end of the day, you are going to make payments for your car rental and you would love to use a company that has favorable terms and conditions with very nice cars at a reasonable price. See if the prices they charge per day fall into your price ranges and expectations. Don’t be afraid to negotiate because this is not a supermarket business-there is always room for negotiations about the prices and several terms and conditions.

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