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Road trip Drives is the best way to experience The Country of a thousand Hills, abundant Rwanda wildlife including the endangered Mountain Gorilla in Volcanos and the beautiful Kinyarwanda culture. Our Rwanda Car rental fleet consisting of Toyota Landcruisers and Toyota RAV4s are the perfect Rwanda Self Drive cars to take you around the country. Rent a car in Rwanda today and Drive Your Own Adventure!

Whether you would like a Rwanda Car Rental to set your own trail and camp under the stars in one of our 4WDs with camping gear, or follow one of our carefully planned circuits with overnight stays in pre-booked accommodation in Rwanda, Go Self Drive Rwanda provides you with reliable Rwanda car rental, a big dose of insider travel tips, and the peace of mind to set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

We offer Wildlife safaris, Gorilla Safaris, Bird Watching Safaris, Mountain Hiking, Chimpanzee trekking, Cultural Tours, Guided Nature walks, A, Local Flight reservation, Hotel reservation plus Customized Tours in Rwanda. Rent a car here in Rwanda and drive to Congo to the nearby areas on the borders of Rwanda like Bukavu, Goma and Kivu. These are some of the interesting places to go to and still you can access the Virunga national park of Congo from Rwanda and its worth a trek.

Every country has got it’s own fleet of cars which is used for tourism, Rwanda has got its own fleet of cars are mostly used for tourism-related activities. These cars have stood the test of time as they have used from one decade to another. Here is a best cars for road trips in Rwanda:

Hiace Super custom.

This is one of the cars you find in Rwanda. The hiace super custom is an all-round car. It suits various uses and for reason; it is considered as one of the best cars to rent. You can rent it on a safari, business trip, city drive or any other reason. It is highly convenient because you can hire it for a small family group as well as a sole traveller.

Mercedes Benz.

In case you want to hire a Mercedes Benz, you can highly do that because they are available for car hire. The most common hirable car among the Mercedes Benz is compressor.

Toyota coaster

This is simply a family car that can accommodate a great number of travellers. It is really desirable for those group travellers of more than 8 travellers. It is indeed a cost effective car in case you are travelling in a group.

Toyota Rav4

Although their popularity is not so much in other countries; in Rwanda, the Toyota Rav4 is one of the most respected cars due to its durability, comfort, and fuel consumption. Today, it is one of the most rented cars because it appeals to every kind of traveller. When hiring, you can opt for a manual or automatic transition Rav4. Contact us to know more about Road Trip Drives in Rwanda.

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