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Queen Elizabeth National Park; located in Kasese District of Uganda, this Uganda safari park ecosystem’s made up of shadowy, sprawling savanna, moist forests, lakes and fertile wetlands, which makes it a good home to various species of primates and birds. The Park lies against the back of the great Rwenzori Mountains with stunning and panoramic views that are made up of various crater lakes. Named after Queen Elizbeth II, The gazetting of Queen Elizabeth National Park has long ensured the conservation of its ecosystems for decades, which in turn benefits the surrounding communities. Some of the activities to carry out in this popular national park include game drives in Kasenyi, Mweya and Ishasha sectors, Chimpanzee tracking in the exhilarating Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu forest or Maramagambo forest, Hot air ballooning and local community visits.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Things To Do in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Kyambura wildlife reserve is a home for many primates but the prominent ones are the habituated chimpanzees. The chimpanzees are endangered species and it is really interesting that they are also still present in Kyambura forest reserve with in Queen Elizabeth national park.  Many visitors say that kyambura wildlife reserve is the stunning section queen Elizabeth national park. Kyambura gorge is a real life drama of interesting chimpanzees. Chimpanzees live in the deep of a green rain forest strip within African savannah in Queen Elizabeth national park. Kyambura forest reserve is hidden that many visitors to queen Elizabeth national park tend miss out on  this spectacular new world on its own within the natural environment. The game reserve was created toserve as a buffer zone because during the dry season the animals come and drink water from kyambura gorge.

Maramagambo Forest

Maramagambo forest covers a part of queen Elizabeth National Park from the escarpment of Kichwamba and all through to Lake Edward. The land scape for the area is good for activities like hiking, nature walks through the trails. The hiking and nature walks are a half day activities and take duration of 11/2 hours. You will enjoy the scenic view of the verdant tree canopies. The name maramagambo forest is extracted from the folk lore of the region. It is believed that years back two young boys went inside the forest and lost their way back home, that they stayed in the forest for a couple of day.

Lake Katwe Salt Works

A hike to the graveyard of Dian Fossey, an American primatologists who sacrificed her life to save the mountain gorillas is worth doing. The Dian Fossey grave yard hike is a learning experience for travelers providing them with the in-depth understanding of start of gorilla tourism in Rwanda and how an America primatologist sacrificed her life to save the rare mountain gorillas that where at the verge of extinction by then. Though its obvious that most travellers to volcanoes national park go for gorilla trekking, a hike to Dian Fossey tomb is a not miss on your Rwanda safari. A visit to the graveyard and the karisoke research center is an appreciation of Dian Fossey’s heroism, great love for the mountain gorillas, and the tragedy of her death, which was a starting point for gorilla tourism in Rwanda.

Fleet to Queen Elizabeth National Park

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