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Kigali car rental

Kigali car rental is a popular service which is simple and yet complicated to manage.  During your Kigali car rental, you will hire a car in Kigali to drive around Kigali or any other destination in Rwanda. In addition, you may opt to drive to the neighboring countries of Uganda, Tanzania, and Congo. Go self drive Rwanda has got a sizeable fleet of 4×4 car rentals to offer you the best Kigali car rental experience.
kigali car rental

Our drivers are professional enough and have offered their services to many of our clients. They are one of the best people that you will probably meet during your Kigali car rental. We are happy to say that these drivers have always represented our company’s full mission of offering the best services to our clients.

As regards prices, our prices are way too cheap compared to others. One of the difficult decisions to take is to set the prices for our car hires. During this process, we involve a lot of people through surveys and others and lastly, we come and sit as board members to make the best decision that truly reflects the car hire market and our clients plus other prevailing situations. Our prices are always getting cheaper day by day.

Go self drive Rwanda is not a one-man team, we have a group of employees who executed different tasks and some of them are the reservation managers, our reservation managers are always waiting for any inquiry that lands in our inbox or through a call and they shall respond promptly. Our response time is always good and given the fact we have varying time differences around the world. If you reside in North America, South America, Asia or Oceania, you may experience some delay as we respond to those inquiries that come in the night, early in the morning.

Hiring a car for a Kigali car rental experience is always straight forward.

You send us an inquiry either through a call or telephone and you will detail to us that you really need in terms of the cars or where you are going, you can also give us more details about when you plan to hire the car and from there, we can always advise. Later on, when you are about to get your car, you come to our offices in Kigali Rwanda where you sign the agreement and the car will be handed to you.

Hire a car in Rwanda from  Go self drive Rwanda.