Is it worth it to hire a car in Rwanda: Car rental services in Rwanda are a great alternative for travelers visiting Rwanda. It is a great idea to hire a car for a handful of days for a standard rate instead of spending constantly on public transport.

When you can drive around Rwanda in a car rental, you are guaranteed of having a comfortable and safe travel experience. Therefore, in due process, you will end up using less money on your trip than using public transportation.

The only challenge with car rental in Rwanda during your Rwanda safari is having to purchase insurance which is a bit pricy but very rewarding. Insurance protects you from being liable for the costs of the damages that may happen to the car while driving.

Some key Facts you Need to Know about Car Rental Services in Rwanda

Before hiring a car, you may have asked yourself this question “Is it worth it to hire a car in Rwanda“, Sure, you are required to know what type of car you wish to drive. Rwanda car hire companies have a variety of vehicles to choose from. You are implored to take your time and make a decision on which one to hire depending on the nature of your trip and the number of people you are traveling with. For example, if you are traveling in a group of six people, you will need a large car like a safari van.


You should inform the rental operator about any extra items and services you wish to add to your package like camping gear, GPS, an extra baby seat, fridge, and many more. When trying to get car rental services, endeavor to book with one with a great reputation for your safety and satisfaction. Note that there are lots of shoddy agencies in the country, waiting to pounce on any opportunity. To get a reputable rental operator make research different social travel platforms to know the various status of companies.


The question of are car hire services in Rwanda worth all of that money? The answer is an affirmative, yes! As long as you book with a genuine car rental company, you should have no issue in reserving a rental vehicle during a self-drive safari in Rwanda. It is always amazing to be able to travel and tour the natural world when you have some free time from your usual routine. However, it gets better when you have a convenient means of transport like car hire services. Rent the best cars with Go self drive Rwanda. We will make sure that you have the best cars for hire.