How to avoid weather setbacks  in Rwanda


how to avoid weather setbacks in Rwanda with Go self drive rwanda
Weather conditions sometimes determine the success of a business meeting, and as a business traveller, I expect you to meet people during your stay in Rwanda. If the weather conditions become unbearable, most people are always willing not to attend-you will hear people complain about the weather, things like the weather condition is not favorable for today and many more. Even as a business traveller, if you not careful enough, you could miss some important business meeting as a result of bad weather, so how to avoid weather setbacks while in Rwanda:

Carry an Umbrella

The weather in Rwanda can only get bad when it rains, there is no snow in Rwanda-actually, the country has one of the best weather conditions in the entire world however there are situations where it rains and everything get disorganized, to reduce on the disorganization, make sure you carry an umbrella. An umbrella shall enable you avoid direct contact with the rain; it shall shield you from the rain. This is really necessary because you are not going to be using the car up to the conference hall, sometimes, you shall require a simple umbrella just during that period from your car to the hotel entrance. If you have an umbrella, I guess you shall be in good company.

Plan early.

Sometimes, you need to plan early such that you understand the prevailing situation. In case you plan, you could decide to go to your place of meeting without before the heavy rains drop down. Planning early shall also enable you buy all the necessary rain equipment in order to boost your confidence should the rains appear from nowhere. Much as the weather conditions in Rwanda have changed, there is always a measurable bit of accuracy if you decide to predict the weather, there are months during the year which are known for rain. Once you plan on visiting during those months, you have all the rain equipment with you. You should know how to safeguard those important documents and data.

Use a 4WD car

4WD car are convenient cars for your meeting during the rainy season. Most of the time and depending on where you are going, sometimes Rwandan roads tend to be slippery especially the non-tarmacked roads and one of the ways of being assured of getting to your final destination is by using a 4WD car

Use your hotel for your meeting.

Why waste all your time trying to move from one place to another looking for a place for your meeting. It is always advisable to choose your hotel as your place for the meeting. Most hotels are equipped with nice conference rooms that can cater for a measurable number of people. Be sure to use your hotel as your conference meeting place.

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