Hiring a safari car in Rwanda tips

Hiring a safari car in Rwanda tips with Go self drive Rwanda: Do you want to self drive or rent a safari car from Kigali, Rwanda to Uganda? Take these tips into consideration.

Rwanda and Uganda are good neighbors and because of their similarity in tourism, there are many cases when a tourists want to experience both  countries. If you are going to go for a safari in both Uganda and Rwanda and you are sure that you shall need car rental Rwanda services- here are some of the tips to guide you in your preparations.

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Hiring a safari car in Rwanda tips

Check if you shall require another visa to enter into another country.

Well you might have entered into Rwanda with a Rwandan visa but that visa only stops in Rwanda, you can use it in the neighboring countries. If you plan on going into another country just after Rwanda, find out whether you shall need a visa and the steps to get one. Actually, it is very easy to get a visa into Rwanda’s neighbours’ just move at the border between the country you are planning to travel to and Rwanda and I guarantee, you shall always get a visa. However prior to that, find out if how much it shall cost for you to move with enough money to pay for your visa. To surpass all those steps, you can easily get an East Africa tourist visa that shall enable to transit several East African countries without ever needing a visa again.

Global positing systems are vital.

Chances are that you are moving into another country you have never travelled to or you simplify want to be sure of the routes. Don’t take chances of getting lost along the way, simply use a GPS system and everything shall be fine. Check with your car rental company if their cars are equipped with GPS systems; if they are, well and good and they are not, you can always hire GPS systems at a cheaper price. Find out whether your phone shall is the capability of using GPS apps.

Understand the internet and roaming services in Uganda.

You always want to stay in contact with your loved ones and one of the best ways is to access internet services and roaming services-make your research about how you shall be communicating using those two services. I believe your journey starts with communication.

Drink some water and keep some other bottles of drinking water with you.

Before you move to such journeys, it is always advisable to have some drinking water with you. Buy from the supermarkets and stock in your car. The reason for this is you shall need it. You are going to drive along highways where you might not even find a single shops or a shop that sells water and you know very well that the heat inside the car sometimes causes you to drink water. Simply stock some water to be safe on your journey.

Have enough fuel in your car.

You might find a single fueling station or petrol station for that matter for hundreds of kilometers along the way and the best way to solve that is to simply have enough fuel in your car. Ask the car rental company about how much litres you need; they shall always help you to make the estimates. Remember some of them just give you the car and it’s up to you to put in fuel.

Keep your passport and driving permit near you.

The passport is the only legal document that shall identify you .Make sure you don’t forget it as there are chances that you shall need it. If you are the driver, make sure you have a valid driving permit that gives you authority to drive into that country. Find out more information from your car rental company.

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