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Find out the Rwanda Car Rental Cons

Find out the Rwanda Car Rental Cons: Many have waxed lyrical about car rental services in Rwanda. We can agree that they are beneficial to travelers especially the foreign ones who wish to explore the different tourist sites of the country. But there are lots of dirty tricks performed by some car hire agencies that at times make the services detrimental to the clients.

The first con about online car hire is that they stipulate that the rental package comprises comprehensive insurance which covers all the damages that may happen to the car but it does not. For instance, lone accidents, minor scratches, dents, and tire punctures are not covered, they are liable to the client.

Based on the above, if one needs to be fully covered then they are asked to pay excess insurance of about 500$ for small cars and 1000$ for large cars or be liable for the possible damages. This is normally an inconvenience to the clients, should they damage the cars and the damages fall in the category that is not insured then they are likely to pay a premium fee. Therefore, for one to be on the safe side, they should ensure that vehicle is comprehensively insured and the operator should give assurance that in case of any damages, the hirer is not liable.

Additionally, you may want to use your car rental insurance back home but it is not accepted in Rwanda, you will have to use the car rental agency’s insurance.

Another thing, a traveler has to know about insurance, it does not cover your safety. It only covers the rental vehicle and you will have to purchase your travel insurance.

The rates displayed on the car rental websites do not disclose what is included and excluded in the package. For example, normally insurance is included and car pick up and drop off from the airport are included in the quote. at times the booking agent may take advantage of your ignorance when you don’t know that they are included in the rate given on the website.

Another con about car rental insurance is most agencies have replaced comprehensive insurance with only covering collision damage waiver, theft, and third party. This makes the quote look cheaper and hence have a competitive advantage over the rest of their counterparts. However, in the long run, when you commit to the rental agency, they make you buy the extra insurance to make it comprehensive.

Agencies separate their insurance cover so that they can apply extra charges for each insurance liability hence getting a great amount of profit from the original quote. This information has been availed to travelers to know how car rental companies feed off their ignorance. Therefore, once you get to know about these dark arts then you will be able to get the right quote without being cheated. Contact Go self drive Rwanda for the best cars for hire.

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