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Car Rental Rwanda Delivery and Collections options

Need a helping hand? Our Car rental Rwanda drop-off & collection service means we can conveniently come to you.

Rental cars couriered to your door.
Save time at journey’s beginning and end. In certain territories, we will deliver and collect your vehicle at a time and place of your choosing so you have that much more time on the road and less trouble carting around your luggage.

Allow us to save you even more time by collecting the car from you at the end of your rental.

One-way Car rental Rwanda

We understand that your journey won’t always go full circle.
Are you planning to drive one way, from one town to another? Are you arriving at one airport but departing from another? Perhaps you’ve got a big move approaching where there’s just no going back?

For those who wish to motor from A to B, Go self drive rwanda caters for all your one-way car hire needs.

there are a number of numerous reasons why you need to hire a car from Go self drive rwanda.

here are some of them:

cheap rwanda car rental services:

Our cars are very cheap compared to the others. We know that we always want to give you a service where there is always value for your money.havig that in mind, we always ensure that our prices are kept low to ensure that everyone can easily afford a car for hire in rwanda.

Excellent customer service

If you are looking for a rwanda car rental agency with the best customer service, we welcome you to go self drive rwanda. All our staff understand one thing- excellent and perfectionist customer car. When you visit our offices, you shall be welcomed and you will automatically feel at home.

Fleet of cars.

one of the reasons why we are much favoured by our clients is the ability to possess such an extensive fleet of cars which can perfectly perform any function that you want them to do. Whether you are looking for a car hire for a safari, we have the best safari cars.

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