Public transportation in Rwanda-Which one should you choose?

Public Transportation in Rwanda

If you are familiar with using public transportation your country, you might say that why can’t I try the same in Rwanda? To my understanding, Car hiring is better than public transportation in Rwanda because of the following reasons:

There is always privacy when you hire a car.

When you hire a car, there is a lot of privacy which you shall enjoy-there shall be no disturbances like “please someone wants to get off the public car, can you give way? “, or a stranger is sitting nearby and trying to look into your phone while you are chatting with your loved ones. A lot of those simple and yet annoying stuff are completely taken when you decide to hire a car in Rwanda. No one shall tell you to push forward or even give you discomfort once you are in a car hire. It shall seem as though you are the owner and you literally enjoy all the benefits of the owner once you hire a car.

It is more secure to hire a car than to use public transport.

Someone might say that how is that possible. Have you ever heard of someone being murdered for simply hiring a car? No, it’s completely uncommon unless you fall in the hands of the car for robbers or dangerous people who pretend to be offering public transport. The simple risks I’m talking about here is when you simply forget your bag in the public transport car and there is no way you can recover it.

You are always in control of your own movement.

When you hire a car, it is very simple to tell the driver to take you wherever you want. And more importantly, if you are on a self-drive, you get more extra private-you can always do whatever you want at your own convenience. In a public transportation system in Rwanda, public cars park only a designated taxi /bus park where you find them in case you want to use them. If you want get off the taxi/bus in that case, you have to stop at the taxi/bus stop.

There are always added amenities if you use a car hire service.

Cars for car hire always come with some add-ons that you can’t find in a public car. For example, most public cars don’t have ACs, and they are not always as clean as cars for hire. If I were to choose a car, I have to get a car with at least some amenities and this is why I would choose a car hiring service. You might be saying that I don’t care about all those add-ons as long as I get to my final destination; really, yes! There are times when the weather is not favourable and such amenities help stabilize the environment-You wouldn’t like it when you are seated in a car during a very hot day without any kind of Ac to cool down the car temperatures; for sure situations, amenities like the ACs are highly necessary.

The only thing that can make me use a public transport is when I really don’t have money because public transportation is always cheaper than car hiring however the difference in price is understandable due the outstanding services offered during a car hire. If you are planning for special trip, safari trip, business trip, airport pick, airport transport, and organization trip; choose Go self drive Rwanda

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