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Business travelling and volunteering in Rwanda

Rwanda business travelling tips

It is possible to come to Rwanda and do these two things: you volunteer and do business. However the most important part of it is doing business, you should come when you have really prepared for business and once you are here, you can think of volunteering. Once in Rwanda, and you have some time, you shall find out that there are many volunteering projects that you can be part of. some of these projects don’t really require a lot of time; people just want to visit them and you see the kind of situation they are faced with and you find a way of how best to help them. It could be connecting them with some of your contacts whom you think shall surely solve some of their problems, I mean whatever you can do, is always appreciated. It is easy to come to Rwanda for a business trip and do some volunteering as well as long as you master some few basic tips here:

Know the purpose of your business

You should exactly know the reason why you are visiting Rwanda. This shall give you a better idea of what to expect and you prepare for it. You shall only be in position to volunteer after you feel that you have attained success in your business. Your purpose for visiting may require you to do certain activities than anticipated which shall delay your volunteering

Know the exact date for your business.

You should plan earlier about the exact date for your business, you should be in position to know when you shall finish with your business such that you could plan for your volunteering, there is no way you are going to think of volunteering unless you are done with doing business. Volunteering is this aspect is secondary and you can easily forgo it.

Know your passion and reason to volunteer.

Most people volunteer because they are passionate about something. Others simply want to see good changes about a certain situation and others want to solve a particular problem. Whatever the case is, always ensure that you know the passion and reason for volunteering. This shall give you enough time to prepare and possibly find a reputable company to volunteer with.  To really enjoy professional volunteering, it is always better you do it with a registered non-government organization or some community members who are really very organized. A part from choosing the organization to partner with, you shall be in position to make prior preparations of what to bring on the table-the kind of service that you would like to offer to that organization. Bring it on, don’t hide your skills.

Travelling and volunteering are possible as long you become successful at the business and you have enough timeframe to volunteer. If you plan on coming to Rwanda for volunteering and a safari, you could decide to hire a car for your safari and volunteering needs. Book your car hire with go self drive Rwanda.