5 Questions to Ask a Car rental Company in Rwanda Before Booking with them: Are you planning to explore Rwanda soon? If so, it is significant to ensure you have an amazing traveling experience. There are several ways to ensure that your Rwanda safari is outstanding. One is to rent a 4×4 car. A four-wheel drive car is such a perfect vehicle, apart from being comfortable, it is resilient and robust, making it challenge all sorts of terrains whether muddy or hilly. The 4×4 cars were built to travel on gravel and rugged roads which mainly dominate Africa and its remote areas. These vehicles have become travelers’ favorites when taking part in exploring various natural destinations.

The good news is that the 4×4 cars have been made affordable even budget tourists can enjoy the services without breaking the bank.

Nonetheless, it is vital to get accustomed to the important points of 4×4 car rental services before hiring one for your Rwanda trip.  The key points enable you to make the right decision and choice of car. To the travelers’ advantage, it is very easy to access information on car hire in Rwanda through the internet. You can get anything about hiring a car in Rwanda from the internet, for example, you can seek tips on how to choose the best car for a self-drive in Rwanda, car hire rates in Rwanda and many others.

When renting a car in Rwanda, there are a few important questions to ask your rental operator as below.

Is the agency registered to provide car hire services?

Given the strictness of the Rwandan government, you need to ensure that you use a car rental company that is legal so that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law. Therefore, precaution has to be taken about the company you wish to hire a car from. It is supposed to have all the certificates and licenses permitting it to operate as a transport or travel company in Rwanda. Moreso, their vehicles must have all the required licenses like third-party insurance. At Go Self Drive Rwanda we are a registered and certified company.

Is the rental car fully insured?

Never hire a rental car that is not insured. When booking with a car rental company, it is wise to ask them about the insurance policy and produce the documents for it. The insurance must be comprehensive covering most of the possible damages in case of an accident. The insurance cover ensures that you are not held liable when the vehicle gets any serious physical or mechanical issues while driving it.

What is the total cost of hiring a car?

It is significant to request the rates of renting a car because every car hire agency has its prices. Knowing the rates helps you to properly plan your budget. Endeavor not to go beyond what you can afford in the name of hiring your favorite vehicle. Take your time to shop around to get the best quote. Also remember to inquire if the total price is inclusive of the driver’s fee if you need one or fuel.

Do you do road tests?

Upon getting the car from the operator, it is vital to road test the vehicle. This will assist you to ascertain whether the vehicle is in good condition. Never hire a car that is looking to break down or getting a mechanical issue. A reputable car operator must test the vehicle for you and inspect it to check if it is fit for driving a long distance.

How old is the vehicle?

Though Africa is known for having old model cars. Try to hire a car that is at least 15 years and below to have that bit of safety and comfort. Hire with Go Self drive Rwanda.

With these 5 Questions to Ask a Car rental Company in Rwanda, you should be able to find a legit car hire agency that you can trust. Contact us to book the best and safest cars for hire in Rwanda.