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African fashion and Tourism in Rwanda

African fashion and tourism in Rwanda

learn how African fashion and tourism and car hire in Rwanda blend in together.
African Art and Tourism-how the two industries blend into each other in Rwanda

It is likely that you shall buy souvenirs when you decide to go for an African safari. And when you decide to buy something from art and crafts, you could end up buying a simple T-shirt which is customized to an African lifestyle. The two industries, art and tourism, blend into each other in unimaginable ways. Below are some scenarios where art blends into Tourism:


For many tourists, they know it that in order to have memories of a certain place; you have to take as many memories from such a place. That could mean carrying a camera and taking as many photos as you wish, asking several questions to the tour guide so that you have a clear understanding on what goes on in the tourism industry, and buying several souvenirs as a way of remembering the destination even when go back to your home.  Souvenirs in terms of art and crafts have blended into tourism; lots of tourists are always looking for wearable on their safari in Rwanda. There are lots of craft pieces that you can purchase that have a name in fashion- art and tourism blend into each other when you talk about the souvenirs.

Hotel designs

If you want to know how African fashion in terms of arts and craft pieces has influenced tourism, just visit any hotel or lodge. Most lodge have several chairs and sculpture, these art pieces represent art in the tourism world. When you talk about tourism, it is not always about the tour operators and the different safaris, it is a composition of several player-hotels and other accommodation, transportation, tour operators, travel agencies, and others. Actually, one of the reasons why tourists love travelling and sleeping in lodges is because of their love for African art, they want to sleep in wooden beds designed artistically from several materials. The different sculptures and other art pieces make art more live in the tourism industry.


One of the reasons why tourism has been able to receive applause from the different stake holders is because of the various marketing strategies that are being implemented every day. Some art is essentially used as marketing tools during the promotion of the tourism industry. Actually, art is considered as a center of attractions for most tourists who think about coming to Rwanda-some tourists always want and view the different art pieces in Rwanda

Rwanda has done a marvelous work as it comes to marketing Rwanda and recently, the “Visit Rwanda” brand made partnership with Arsenal- the English premiership team . This is part of the Rwanda tourism board  efforts to invest enormous amount of money to ensure that Rwanda is a unique destination. If you like to enjoy more of Rwanda, we welcome you to “Go self drive Rwanda”, we shall offer you unmatchable car hire and tour services in Rwanda.

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