Drive in Rwanda

Drive in Rwanda

Rwanda is a small country but still you need enough time if you want explorer is beauty because they are in the country side. These are far miles away and that’s why we have to provide you with the perfect 4×4 vehicle of your choice at a friendly rate because we want be part of you for while.

Travel to Congo

Rent a car here in Rwanda and drive to Congo to the nearby areas on the borders of Rwanda like Bukavu, Goma and Kivu. These are some of the interesting places to go to and still you can access the Virunga national park of Congo from Rwanda and its worth a trek.

Tour Uganda

Tour Uganda starting from Rwanda. You can choose to pick up a car in Rwanda and drop it off in Uganda if you choose to fly off in Kampala. This is because on a Uganda tour there is much more reward than any other East African country.

Tour Rwanda

For vacation travelers in Rwanda we have the best value for you. Rwanda is a country where you will enjoy right from the city Kigali with its cold fresh airs throughout the day to the cool dense forests in the country side. Visitors to Rwanda will always choose to go to the National parks of Volcanoes in Ruhengeri to see the Mountain gorillas and other primates, Nyungwe Chimp trek, Lake Kivu tour and relaxation on the beaches, Cultural villages among others. These are the highlights of a Rwanda tour and this is the reason as to why we would plan with you in advance for a perfect holiday safari.
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Cross to Uganda

Are you interested in a Uganda tour too when you’re in Rwanda? Then we are the choice. Uganda is border is just 89kms away from Kigali and the National parks of Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth almost the best ones are 76kms away from the borders. So why not take a visit on East African Visa.